About Artsymove creative healing.

Artymove is a platform for yoga teachers and practitioners, dancers and artist to generate spaces where the union of different disciplines get together with the concept of " creative healing". In this creative healing experiences will guide our students to connect with art, movement, breath,  yoga  and nutrition. Artsymoves is in constant creation and opened to receive collaboration from professionals of all disciplines   that  have the interest  to work with this concept. We invite people to join our community, will be sending you updates with new workshops, retreats and classes.

About the founder:

Camila Manns was born in Santiago de Chile. She studied fine arts with a degree in contemporary dance at the University of Arts and Social Science (ARCIS) in Chile, as well has earning a bachelor degree in film making and  communications. Her passion for dance, movement, and yoga inspired her to study CVS Vinyasa yoga ( Core strength vinyasa yoga)  with Sadie Nardini from NYC, a method that Camila has embraced and taught for over 6 years. These days Camila is deepening her studies in yoga with a new certification and teacher training in Semperviva Yoga, Vancouver, BC. She is passionate about photography and arts.  

My goal as a dancer,  yoga teacher, artist and entrepreneur l is to use my creativity and knowledge to facilitate others to find inner peace, expressivity and health in their bodies, freedom of thinking in their souls and minds and generating a safe space for work and growth. 

Camila Manns

Founder of Artsymove creative healing and co-founder of Trunk and Oonuks, rental and retail companies based in Santiago, Chile.

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