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Women’s Circle, a new step forward for a collective evolution

  • Vancouver, BC V5B 2H3 Canada (map)
newmoon artsymove

 It is our pleasure to invite you to our healing practice in a very sacred space with real women like you. In this series we listen to our bodies, practice free flowing movement without judgment, set our intentions and embrace our emotions.

This event will be on Sunday, August 20th because is the day of the new moon, and every new moon is a beginning of an emotional cycle for all of us, that means that we have the opportunity to do changes in our life for good.

With that in mind, we will be dancing and sharing every new moon of the year, celebrating, dancing, sharing, meditating and plant seeds for your growth, evolution, and healing learning experiencing self-care, self-love and learning about natural cycles of being woman connected with the moon.

Every of our circles will be similar but different because we will be connected with the cycle of the moon in their different signs.

This new moon is in Leo, is perfect to start making new activities that make you shine from the inside out. Accepting and celebrating your talents and abilities. In this moon will boost our self-esteem and encourage our self-love. This is a moon related to romance, relationship, fun, enthusiasm, and excitement and we will plant intentions that will be the seeds for starting to grow “love”.

There is not age or dance/experiences required. Please bring:

-Wear a Skirt, dress or sarong *under you can wear yoga pants

- Mat if you have one

-Bottle of water

Lots of love and blessing


“This women's circle by Artsymove was an amazing experience. Since the beginning, Camila and Daniela created a comfortable environment with a strong and positive energy that allowed me to let go self-judgment listen to my body and enjoy the whole process. I really appreciated that they took the time to explain the session and everything about how to set an intention and the importance of it in our lives as women. It was really nice to meet all these beautiful women know that we are all experiencing similar situations and that we can support each other with love and compassion. I am really looking forward to the next women's circle with Artsymove and I hope that with this sessions we can create a nice community of empowered and strong women.

Adelina O.

My friend Daniela asked me to join her woman's circle last week. For someone who's never attended one, I thought, sure, why not.

However, I didn't know what to expect.

Knowing Danny's personality, I knew whatever I was getting myself into, the experience would be very positive, have lots of good energy and be loads of fun.

I brought a friend from Ontario who also came. She enjoyed it!

We both went in with open minds and hearts.

I think this is the best approach.

As humans, we tend to have judgments right away without trying something first. My advice Just flows with it.

I found this woman's circle to be powerful, easy going and relaxing. I loved our yoga poses and dance sessions.

I worked up a bit of a sweat, a mini workout which I enjoyed.

I also felt more confident and comfortable with my body in front of strangers, especially during the free dance sessions.

I found everyone to be so welcoming and warm. I loved the community feel to it.

It was well organized with the perfect amount of structure.

I enjoyed the "setting the intentions" part. This opened my eyes to what I needed to work on in my life.

I found a "realness" that we lack in our day to day. Being in this community of woman I was in the present, I felt the strength of each person around me and by the leaders. They are wonderful ladies with so much passion and love to give.

I really enjoyed this new experience. I will be back.


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